Saturday, March 2, 2013

Deceptor - Chains Of Delusion

I haven't been really inspired by the latest Metal releases. In a more general matter, I'm just fed up with all these bands with fancy packagings and a new record every single year. 

As a result, I've been mostly listening to old stuff; or old bands newer releases (Angel Witch's As Above So Below is just AMAZING). OK, now you're thinking, "the guy's just getting old". Maybe. However, when a new interesting band comes along, I still know how to get all excited about it. 

And there is PLENTY to be exited about with DECEPTOR (despite the "WTF??" name). The Power-trio's second EP is one hell of a blast of pure Heavy Metal. 

There are 6 tracks here (2 intermissions, 4 actual songs) and each one of them is just FANTASTIC. 

There's plenty of traditional metal, some more sharpened stuff (Heatseeker) and a slight dose of epic and technical stuff. Paul Fulda does a great great job on Bass, and as is most of Power-trios, each instrument has a whole lot of space to express itself. And these young wolves sure know how to make a good use of it.

Honestly, whatever kind of Metal you like, you just need to check this young band out, I think fans of Heavy Metal, and Thrash Metal will appreciate it even more than anyone else. 

I can't really pick up a favorite song on this one, although "Sentinent Shackles" really impressed me (the most original song). I also love the opener "To Know Infinity" (very catchy one), and the powerful "Heatseeker". "Oblivion's Call" with it's epic&melodic edges is also a perfect way to close that EP. 

Check this band out right now, so that in a few years, when everybody will be talking about Deceptor, you'll say "Got to hell man, I've been following this band since 2013, when their second EP had just come out".

Yath - This is an easy 8/10

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