Thursday, March 7, 2013

Corsair - Corsair review

Corsair have signed on Shadow Kingdom Records last year, and the label's first initiative was to re-release that self-titled record. Honestly, there isn't much I can tell you about this pure gem. Just look it up online, and try to count all the super enthusiastic reviews you can find. 

Corsair is totally unique, and I can guarantee you have never heard anything like it before. The band (Paul Sebring on guitar/vocals, Marie Landragin on guitars/vocals, Jordan Brunk on bass, and Aaron Lipscombe) have managed to create some sort of modern-retro rock. Yeah their stuff is that awesome. 

Corsair do sound like a 70's prog/hard-rock band, but they also have some typical Metal influences and psychedelic edges. They simply have mixed the old-school influences with the modern rock vibe of bands like Mastodon and Baroness. Really, if you are into these two bands, you MUST check out Corsair. 

Again, I don't know what to tell you; this music is awesome, groovy, melodic, progressive, heavy, original, catchy, fun, smart, different. 

Last but not least, the artwork is amazing and the lyrics are just as smart and interesting as the music. 

"Chaemera" one of my favorite songs on the album

There are dozens of interesting releases every month for rock,metal and prog fans, and this is definitely one that you absolutely have to listen to. Stay tunned as Shadow Kingdom Records will re-release a MCD by Corsair on April 30th this year. 

Yath - AWESOME - 9/10

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