Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ufomammut – ORO – Opus Primum - I love to get sucked into the Black Hole!

Music is only about energy traffic between the performer and the listener, nothing else. That energy is supposed to transport feelings and emotions.
Most of the time, the performer decides which energy to transmit and how to do it. When you’re listening to a record at home (or anywhere else except on stage) you just receive that energy; it’s a one-way traffic. But some exceptional bands like Ufomammut somehow manage to create two-way emotions traffic, even when you’re listening to their music on CD or vinyl. In fact, it might also be a one-way traffic, only this time around; these guys TAKE your energy and crush it, just as if you were sucked into the ultimate abyss of the Black Hole itself. You can’t do anything about it; they set the rules and you let it go.
And the comparison with outer-space is obviously very opportune as Ufomammut are a psychedelic band overall, even if here and there you can underline some pretty heavy traditional doom elements to bring you back to Earth.
Opus Primum is the first part of a double album initiated by Ufomammut. Once again, the artwork is amazing, which is not surprising coz’ as you probably know, Ufomammut are part of the Malleus Art Collective.  

Artwork is fantastic, and the special LP edition includes a bonus DVD. VERY cool packaging. 

This new record is a blast; Poia (guitars, syncs), Urlo (bass, FX, synths) and Vita (drums) know how to play with your nerves and they master the art of energy traffic I just told you about. Most of the time they suck your energy, all you have to do is sit back and feel it leaving your body, and then suddenly, they'll throw one killer SUPER heavy riff, like on track 2 “Aureum”. 
The thing just fills you back with energy, so it can empty it back a moment later, particularly when the very psychedelic and freaky melody from the opening track comes back and then degenerates into -one more- heavy and deadly riff.


It’s really tough to describe this band's music, as you really need to feel the thing to understand it. What I can tell you however is the way I feel when I listen to it: 
  •         First, I wanna press replay.    
  •         Second, I wanna go out and buy these guy’s entire discography!

Ufomammut is often labeled as a psychedelic/sludge band. I’d say they are above all a Psychedelic band with a slice of doom, making it a unique energy-devouring entity, the kind of Black Hole you desperately want to be sucked into and resurrected; only to be doomed back into again.   

Yath LOVES this one! 

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