Saturday, February 11, 2012

Torture Division - Satan, Sprit och Våld

Lord K Philipson, Tobben Gustafsson, Jörgen Sandström: that’s some Line-up! This Death Metal power-trio combines 60+ years of Death Metal experience. These guys have played in: Grave, Entombed, Vicious Art, Krux, The Project Hate MCMXCIX, God Among Insects, Leukemia, House Of Usher and Vomitory. Enough credibility? The reason why you might have not heard about this band yet is that they’re not doing things in a conventional way. Torture Division is all about the love of Death Metal, just as it’s written on their their website. And it’s not just some marketing trick; the guys are serious about it and they've been prooving it: no record deal, no physical CDs, the only business they do is with Tshirt and some other Merch. The Torture Division crew produce demos and give them away for free  download on their website, with a super cool artwork and a complete CD cover. All they’re gonna ask you in return is a volunteer donation. That’s some attitude. And coming from one of the most exciting line-ups you could ever imagine, I say it’s UNBELIEVABLY COOL. I had the opportunity to interview Lord K Philipson last year, and he pretty much summed up the situation: “Fuck it, it’s that easy to be great”. Indeed. Except that to be that great, you still need to have their talent!

One of the Best Death Metal Line-ups you could ever imagine...

Needless to say that Torture Division's Death Metal is WAY above average. I mean, these guys have invented Death Metal, and their only challenge now is to perfect it. Nothing experimental, nothing too serious, nothing progressive here, just the essence of our beloved extreme musical style: raw and powerful riffing, groove, attitude and sick melodies. The first thing that’ll strike you is Jörgen Sandström’s unique vocals and the unbelievable production. And guess who’s behind that thick and insanely heavy sound? Dan Swanö of course! And as you might expect, he’s also in this for the fun and the love of music. 
In all cases, you guys definitely need to check Torture Division out, download all of their demos and make a donation to thank them for having the best attitude ever and most of all for their top notch Death Metal.

You can download the music, the full-cover and everythingyou need to burn the CD yourself

Seriously, who the hell am I to try and analyze their music??? Their latest offering, Satan, Sprit och Våld, (means Satan, Spirits and Violence according to google) is another piece of perfect Death Metal. The first song, “Cirkelstryk” is a good introduction to the band, it’l kick your ass in less than a minute. Jörgen Sandström’s introductory scream and the blasting madness of this one will twist your guts. Second track “Otukt” is all about the groove; old-school Swedish Death Metal brought to perfection.  The last song, “Satan, Sprit och Våld” is a bit more surprising, as it has that fantastic melodic riff, the old-school way: fast, sharp and vicious! Amazing.

This is 10 minutes of pure Death Metal pleasure, much superior to anything you guys might have bought this year, better than anything any label is trying to sell you. And guess what, it's all of  FOR FREE!
Not much to say, really, other than THANK YOU Torture Division for bringing Death Metal to such a level of awesomeness!


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