Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Old-school Death Metal has become the hot new topic over the last few years. Everyone wants to sound dirty, everyone wants his nasty guitar fuzz and everyone wants to sing about zombies and disgusting mutilations.

The things is, very few bands are going to top or even equal what’s already been done in the 90s. Even worse: some of the bands that invented that sound back then, are still doing very fine today!

Nonetheless some labels like Dark Descent Records still manage to find some new & fantastic old-school Death Metal bands. Who said the Metal Scene isn’t as inspired as it used to be? Seems on the contrary that it’s more active and talented than ever. Last year, it was all Miasmal, Disma and Entrails. And I have to say 2012 is starting really fine with the first Horrendous record, The Chills.

Horrendous play pure Death Metal, the old-school way. It’s raw, nasty, heavy, groovy, and it has that punk urge that makes you feel primary rage. You’re thinking “nothing special” right? True. Even though the guys really master the art, and most songs have an immediate and strong impact.

But hang on, there is more my friends. Horrendous really stand out because of one special ingredient they add to their Death Metal: EPIC. I just love the epic here, with songs that are a little longer than average and that develop melodies and deep feelings. Two songs literally blew me away: “The Somber (Desolate Wings)” and the closing “The Eye OF Madness”. The first one has this unbelievable melodic passage, with mind-blowing leads. “The Eye Of Madness” is just as impressive, as it’s a 9-minute epic piece, preceded by a keyboard intro (“Sleep Sickness”).

Another thing I wanted to mention is the band configuration: the power-trio set is always special and gives more groove to the songs as well as extra space for bass (the finish of the song “Fleshrot” is amazing).

Horrendous also made me think of Fatalist, another American old-school Death Metal band influenced by the Sunlight Studios sound. And what I noticed about such bands is that they manage to combine the urge and raw energy of the early Swedish bands with the precision and musicianship that are typical of the American scene.

Haven't heard of Fatalist in a while. The Deapth Of Inhumanity is one fine Death Metal album...

Again, there’s nothing fundamentally new here, but these guys sure know what they’re talking about and The Chills is real fine album that will definetly please the specialists.

2012 has barely started and we already have a VERY serious Death Metal record brothers. Happy New Year!


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