Sunday, September 11, 2011


The Digital era and this little crazy thing called mp3 completely changed our approach to music. Everyone can have everything now, we don’t want BETTER music; we just want MORE music.
My nostalgia for the “old-school” way of listening to music is a never-ending story, but there is one central idea behind all of the debates: our appreciation of music. They way you purchase and listen to a specific album, by choice. Not just because it’s new or because it has a fancy edition or a free DVD. And most of all, NOT because you can just get it for free.
Listening to something you have actually meticulously chosen is a very special feeling. It’s a freakin’ privilege these days!

And one old-school thing I miss very much in this new era is good old compilations.
Of course, I don’t mean those silly Scorpions “best-of” CDs nor the mp3 compilation of “the entire Morbid Angel discography” your stupid cousin wants to transfer to your USB flash drive.

No, I mean those personalized hand-made compilations, recorded on tapes or CDs, the ones you designed for your girlfriend, your brother or your band-mate. I mean the ones with limited space and with a specific theme. I used to LOVE doing this. Taking the time to choose the songs one by one, thinking about the tracklist and having to eliminate songs so that the compilation fits on one CD or cassette tape. That’s such a pleasant exercise, it’s an awesome way to go through your music and analyze it.

Seriously, who still does that? In the mp3 era, if you think your friend might like Metal then you just copy him your 40GB of music and throw it as his face. And he’ll do as usual, insert the songs into his big shuffle playlist and one day, he won’t even remember you even recommended anything (and he’ll probably never really listen to any of it).

But what the hell; no one wants to take my burned CDs or tapes? Doesn’t matter, I’ll just create imaginary compilations for imaginary friends! Call it playlist if you want, it still works.
There are only 2 rules to follow:
1.     It has to contain 50 to 60 minutes of music, no more, no less
2.     It must have a specified Theme.

That’s it! From now on, every now and then, I’ll publish a list of songs for my imaginary compilations. The first one will be simply called:


Feel free to suggest any compilation theme or songs!

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